About Me

Well hello there!

Welcome to my humble blog, so pleased to see ya!

After telling my self I should start a blog for oh I don’t know… 127136 years, I finally gave myself a solid talking too and well, here I am. So instead of boring my friends and family with my ‘quirky’ late night musings and weird wonderings, I can bore you lot instead.

So basically a backwards bumpkin I grew up in the charmin’ (if you like drinking Stella and stealing bikes) seaside town of Portsmouth, England. I packed my bags and flew the nest ASAP in search of adventure and experience whilst nurturing my love for all things wordy in secret. Since the age of 16 I have been travelling, backpacking, hopping from place to place in search of that wonderful holiday high, writing poems and short stories here and there but mostly just having a sick time.

But now I’m the ripe ol’ age of 20 and it’s time to do some serious career thinking, so apart from throwing my toys out the pram over adulthood, I do enjoy a good babble- so here I am to talk about everything from Travel, Food, Love (ergh) Writing, Reading and so on.

So glad you stumbled upon me, and I hope to keep you entertained.

C.J.R xox