Here’s To Always Remembering The Important Things In Life

Things are so painfully fleeting in this life; like midnight rains that soak the streets while we sleep and are gone by morning- leaving nothing but droplets on the grass and the familiar smell of damp in the air. But just like the plants needing the rain in to grow, we also need showers to nourish us, to wash away all the cobwebs, all the stagnancy. All those memories and forgotten emotions that have settled in the complex crevices of your mind finally dislodged, dancing in the sleepy sunlight like dust. Our lives are so short, so ‘insignificant’ in the vastness of time yet to each of us there is nothing more important than this life, your allotted slice of life is now, how are you living it?

Is it better to be scooped up, to be thrown, to be shaken, to be twisted- than to not be touched at all? Is success actually worth the sacrifice, the hard work, the perseverance? Or are you just borrowing time from your future self, postponing your natural desire for freedom for a later date. If you miss out on lazy Sunday mornings, picnics, birthdays, summer days in the park with your loved ones, rainy days in bed with a film- all the simple gifts of life, if you miss out on all of these because you’re working hard so that in the future you can relax and do all of these things… what’s the difference between doing them now and doing them then? The difference is that the time you are working so hard to secure in the future is ticking by NOW, unused and un-cherished.

The people in your life are present; the memories that are being made are current. Thirty years down the line when you’re finally worked to the ground and ‘ready’ to enjoy these things they’ll be gone, the moment would have passed. And although they’ll always be enjoyment to be had, it will never have the same rich taste, the same colourful haze of fire that burns bright in the minds and hearts of the young, the delicious realisation that this is what it is, this is what I’ve read about, heard people talk about, heard spoken about by philosophisers, this is what we’re all searching for, this is what it means to be alive.

If you keep clawing at an end goal you’re going to miss what’s actually important, the things that enrich your life and make it good and whole. We spend too much time saying no to ourselves, not listening to what it is we actually want and feeling guilty because what we want is so simple and surely happiness is more complex than just tea in bed and a cuddle. No, happiness takes years to achieve. Thousands of pounds spent on a degree that will taint our lives with debt, suffering through a toxic relationship because it might get better and they might change and then jackpot! I’ve got it. Not loving a particular person because they’re not suitable on paper, not being kind to our minds and our bodies because kindness gets you nowhere- brutality and punishment is the way. Abusing drugs and drinking ourselves into a stupor because pushing your body to its limits is a sure way to achieve peace, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- right?

There are so many rules and regulations. If something feels right, then surely it is? Never mind race, age, background, bank balance, if you have a connection with something or someone- then you must follow it; it’s your DUTY to follow it regardless of the outcome. Gifts of love and happiness in any form aren’t common and to let them pass us by is a greater shame than can be expressed in words. There is so much pain that we will ALL endure whether we like it or not, death, heartbreak, failure- inevitable suffering that can only be made easier by the dilution of pleasures that are offered to us. Sex, love, good food, travel, laughter- these things are our rewards for the things that are forced upon us and to not take advantage of them is a deep pity, my biggest fear is regret and I will do everything I can to prevent laying in bed when I’m eighty five wishing there was something I’d of done but didn’t because of the potential repercussions.

There should be a period of time for the reflection somewhere in the day, every day of your life. There needs to be five minutes where you put down your phone, turn off all noise and just close your eyes. To centre yourself and try to remind yourself of your purpose here and of all the things you know to be true and honest.  The most important thing in the whole world is happiness in any of its forms, and you can relax in the knowledge that everything else is so tiny in comparison.

Like a bird you are free, the sky is yours and the day is warm so please, for the sake of your soul spread your wings and fly and remember that nothing will ever be as relevant as this second, this day and this moment. It only takes one blink and it could all be gone, don’t waste your precious time on the things that don’t matter and throw your absolute everything into the things that do.

C.J.R xox



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  1. theOwl30 says:

    Yes! Yeesssss! Enjoy a variety of Happy experiences. Do it Now—while you still have the energy to enjoy it.

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    1. charlotravel says:

      Thank you very much!!!

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