Waking Up From My Sea Coma

It feels like I’ve been in a coma; waking up from a very strange, very real dream- life on the boat feels like a story from a book I’ve just finished. My days were like dust, quiet, still, settled and waiting for a gust of wind to pick them up and transport them somewhere new. Just as I’d hoped it would be my time, my dusty hours have been packed with my favourite activities since getting off the ship and nothing gives you the opportunity to appreciate the freedom of life more than being cooped up for three months. 
The absolute best part of being at sea is how rich your life becomes upon disembarking. A delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, nuts and yoghurt seems like Gods gift to brunchers, a game of frisbee with your dad in the park on a gorgeous sunny day fills you with more joy than Christmas Day. Your cosy flat becomes a peaceful oasis where you can wake naturally, alarm free, to the view of the sky, sun-drenched and happy with the knowledge that there is no work, no commitments, just the simple pleasure of time and the fortune of good weather. 
After being extremely penniless for the horrifically bleak winter we’ve just had it feels so good to have money to enjoy London in the sunshine. Not having to say no to anything because I can’t afford it is a sensation I am totally not familiar with, and although I’ll never be a splurger (love a good bargain way too much) eating my way around London and replenishing my wardrobe with summery garms has definitely been fun. 
I’m writing this as I’m on my way to the airport, I’m taking myself on holiday to Malta for a week before heading to Berlin to stay with my brother. Although I’ve got friends working out there so my evenings will no doubt be filled with cocktails and good food, I’ve got the days to just enjoy myself, relax, sightsee, dive etc. I absolutely love travelling by myself, something I know so many people just can’t fathom. 
The best part is you’re never really alone especially if you’re staying in a fun hostel, but you have the freedom to follow your own itinerary without the pressure of having to consider someone else’s plans. You have the option to be as productive or as lazy as you want, guilt-free and have the option to find a sunny spot and read your book or immerse yourself in the party scene. 
Filling your life with everything you love will make your heart feel so swollen with contentment, waste as little time as possible. Life is far too short and far too precious to waste even a drop of it, this doesn’t mean you always have to be busy, just laying in the park and enjoying the sun is living- but unless it fills you with happiness keep it to a minimum because in a world with so much to offer there is really no need to live averagely. 

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