Chill Out

Hey Friends!

I’m getting pretty lazy with my blog aren’t I? In fact, it seems I’m getting a bit lazy with life at the moment, not sure whether it’s just because it’s too cold to move and get out of bed or whether it’s because I’ve had THEE most annoying lingering cold/cough for literally a month now. It’s driving me crazy! I haven’t been able to go to the gym in soooo long and it’s making me grouchy and feel even more guilty about gobbling shovels of festive foods into my gob. Talking of festive foods I’m currently watching Jamie’s Christmas, I love Jamie anyway let alone when he’s got a Christmas hat on! I’m going to attempt his mince pies with a twist, using mince meat ofc, both puff and filo pastry (I’ll be using gluten free!), chestnuts, sour cranberries, almonds and clementines. They look seriouslllllllly good served with brandy butter, crunchy and definitely a bit of me.

I’m usually very strict with myself, I have high expectations for my every day life but it seems this December I’ve just decided to throw all the towels in and just be a lazy, fat Christmas blob and whereas before I’d be absolutely distraught at my muscle and tone losses, I’m trying my hardest to just be okay with it knowing that in the New Year I can hit it hard and hopefully gain it back (and more!) quite quickly.

I’m also trying hard not to feel guilty about being lax with my blog, tidying my flat, not hammering out long hours at work… all the things that could cause me unnecessary stress. The beginning of this year was bloody stress central and I’d like to end it on a much more relaxed note, even if that means abandoning my routine just for a few weeks. Don’t feel bad about going into slight hibernation in the winter, yes it’s important to keep things ticking over but its seriously cold out there so take that extra ten minutes to lay in the morning, give ya dog that extra cuddle, make ya partner or your best bud some breakfast in bed (cough, cough Meggie). But do make sure you get stuck in with all the festive joys around London at the moment as they are all super pretty and make you feel all twinkly inside, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street especially.

What’s on your Christmas list?
My mum and I found a 70’s retro multi-coloured ski suit in a charity shop for £10 that I am going to absolutely KILL on my skiing holiday to Andorra in January….

Go bake something with cinnamon in it

C.J.R xox

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