Merry Little Life

It’s beginning to look at like Christmassssss, evrrrrrr’ywhere we gooooo. So I am literally Mrs Clause when it comes to Christmas and I don’t even care that I am annoyingly festive and merry. I do have a good reason to be though given that I had a few years where Christmas was an absolute shambles and wasn’t even worth celebrating and now that I live independently and I’m free to celebrate with whoever and however I like I take my merriment very seriously. When it comes to Christmas music I’m sorry but Bing Crosby will forever hold my heart, his creamy tones and cosy jingles just fill me to the brim with love and a rush of excitement that takes me straight back to childhood. I still have the original White Christmas CD from when I was little and as soon as I hear the twinkling introduction to I’ll Be Home For Christmas my eyes fill with tears and I think of my family and how I can’t wait to be with them. However, Nat King Cole is of course a close second.

So I’ve officially kissed goodbye to my gym and diet routine and my summer bod is rapidly becoming chub up for chrimbo but when there’s mulled and spiced everything everywhere I look what can a girl do? I can’t even use my gluten intolerance as an excuse anymore with bloody M&S ruining my life with their deluxe free-from range that I just can’t seem to resist. Every time I walk past I hear those GF mince pies calling my name and I swear they pump the smell of mulled wine through the vents just to make it harder to resist. But with the weather being so cold it’s good to have a few extra layers to love over your bones right? RIGHT??!!!

Unlike the ice on my doorstep my days have been melting into one long working hour recently as I desperately save for my skiing trip to Andorra in the New Year. All I seem to be doing is waking up, watching Netflix (finished Stranger Things, I’m now on Peaky Blinders, bit of a contrast but I’m lavin’ it) getting up and going to work and then I do the same thing the next day. So I have given myself some time to play and taken just under a week off to enjoy my surroundings as we approach the big C. I decided that I wanted to slow down for a day or two so I packed ma bag (and all my dirty washing hehe) and headed to my mums/grannies in Maidenhead for a night of good food and heating, something I was in desperate need of. I love London of course, but it was so nice to walk down a high street and not feel like everyone is chasing you, it was nice to actually browse in a shop and not be surrounded from every angle. It was so refreshing to breath in fresh country air for a change and be reminded that not every activity needs to be rushed. And it was good to be with my muma, working everyday has meant I haven’t had much time for friends and family so to sit in the pub and gossip over a glass of insaneeee mulled wine (like hot marmalade liquid in a glass) with my own flesh n blood completely recharged my batteries and refuelled me.

Today one of my best buds came to visit and we took a trip to Kew Gardens. Luckily his aunt has an annual pass so it didn’t cost a penny to roam around the exotic plants and take some insta-worthy pics of all the succulents and palms which were really pretty but I can imagine it’s a lot more beautiful and exciting in the spring time. Then we headed to Sloane Square for a quick browse around a Christmas market before heading home to Brixton so I could show him around The Brixton Village and we could dive into a well deserved vegan platter fit for a plant-based king at Eat Of Eden, my new fave spot.

I’m headed back down to Brighton tomorrow to see @LewisCapaldi kill it at the Komedia before my Papa comes home from 5 weeks at sea to enjoy the festivities with me, anyone else got an exciting week up ahead? Lemmeeee know what good food ya’ll are eating this winter because as we all know it’s my favourite thing to talk about ❤️

Stay cosy
C.J.R xox

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