Oooh Friend

So despite the fact that I woke up feeling like death, not even death warmed up because it’s so cold in my flat I can see my breath, I’ve had a pretty good last few days. When I was living in Australia my ex and I used to rent out our spare rooms to backpackers for cheap rates, saving them money and giving us the opportunity to make pals from all over the world. We were basically criminals for subletting but we had a ton of fun doing it and I’ve made some pretty good friends from it, two of which came to stay with me this weekend! They left today 😦 after arriving in London for a little weekend away from their home in Salzburg. It’s been hideously cold and we were all trying not to lose our fingers and toes but we managed to squeeze in a trip to Portobello Market,  a browse down Oxford Street and street food in Camden. It seems the whole of London had the same itinerary as us and we were stuck in a constant human traffic jam the whole time but at least we got to see some Christmas lights and buy some pressies.

It’s soooo great having friends from everywhere, it’s something about my life I really value. Not only is it great to learn about all the thousands of cultures we have in the world (Newsflash- in Austria they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, they have a table top BBQ with melted cheese and there’s no Santa, can you believe it?!) but having friends in other places is a great excuse to visit a country you may never have considered going to had you not have met them. My home is always open to my worldly buddies wherever I may be and it’s always so kind to have the same offered to me in return. I’m very fortunate that I have invites from Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, America, Canada, Thailand- and I know that at any time I would be welcomed with open arms and would have a safe and secure base where I would feel comfortable travelling to/from, especially if it was a solo trip.

Making friends is definitely the best part about travelling (closely followed by the food!) and it’s always something I find is so much easier to do when your backpacking. I feel if I was to try to talk to a female in a bar or café here in London I wouldn’t receive the same reception as I would from someone who was travelling. Perhaps because people are more open to meeting new friends abroad because they feel more vulnerable outside of their comfort zones and are seeking a safe companion who will relate and help them feel less nervous, whereas in London I’d either be seen as annoying or perhaps trying to flirt. This is such a shame because making new girlfriends is great and shouldn’t just be a thing  you do when you’re drunk in club toilets and you find your new sisters just by telling them ‘you look great hun xox’.

I can’t wait for London life to stop bleeding me dry so I can hop on a plane for a weekend away in the mountains or a swim in the lakes, but in other news…. No idea how I’m going to afford this but I’m going skiing in Andorra in January for 10 days yay! Has anyone been to Andorra? It’ll be country number 25 ticked off the list and I’m super excited to head away from the city and immerse ma-self in some nature again.

Pray my cough goes away and I don’t get pneumonia ❤

C.J.R xox

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