October 17′ Love List 

Hey Friends !  

Oh my it’s so cold… I feel like it’s colder in my flat than outside ? My hands are actually numb as I type this, it’s ridiculous! I need a dog to come and cuddle me immediately. Yes cuddle ME. I’ve just had a tastyyy lunch of last nights left over half price sushi from @wasabi and I had a killllller session at the gym today. Pretty much two hours of bum and abs. I’ve always been more of a cardio, yoga kinda gal but now I’ve lost most of the initial weight I set out to lose (2 1/2 stone, woo!) I’ve been looking to build and tone my muscles to gain some shape. I go to the gym pretty much every morning for at least an hour. It’s only been a few months since I started to add weights into my routine but I have definitely noticed a difference in my strength and ability, as well as a very subtle change in my appearance, so I’m super pleased about that! 

Anywhooooo we are well into November and it’s taken me THIS long to reflect on the previous month and do me an October love list … so without further ado —

My 20th Birthday! 

Definitely the main highlight of a great month. The Royal Ballet, Sky Garden celebrations, Friends pub quiz antics and seeing my nearest and dearest. A perfect start to my 20’s !

Moving to London
As you’ll all have read 10000 times I am super chuffed to be living in Brixton, I’ve gotten stuck in with as much as I can whilst being here and I’m feeling grrrreat for it. 

Seeing my outside of London pals 

Heading to Brighton for 2 days and managing to cram in seeing three of my besties was a great achievement, specially when we’re all so bloody busy all the time ! I love love love eating tasty food and havin’ giggles with my buds. 

Fancy Dress Partay

As y’all all saw Meggie and I went as Gatsby Girls to a party not long ago and the best part by far was the dressing up and costume creating before hand. Carl trying on all my clothes and messing up my room trying to find a costume was not ideal, but it was worth it when he stepped out dressed as a styrofoam picket fence…. diabolical. 

Gelato and walks with ma papa

Always a pleasure, an amazing lunch at @Tidbits followed by heavenly gelato (see previous post Game of Cones to find out why it was so insane and where you can get some!)  topped off with a beautiful autumnal walk. 

Kingsman The Golden Circle

I love me some Taron Egerton so anything with him in it gets my vote, an amazing film! Impromptu cinema trips with Smegs in Leicester Square will always make the list. 

Harry Potter exhibition at The British Library followed by free pasta 

I know… and you thought it sounded good at Harry Potter didn’t you? The British Library are hosting a really interesting more factual exhibition on the literature and research behind the Harry Potter books… a realllll step into the extensive planning and plotting that went into writing the magical series. I really recommend it, especially to all the lit geeks like me. And as for free pasta– I had two free meal coupons for @PizzaExpress so we dined to our hearts content on gourmet pasta  dishes till we burped pesto and parmesan. 

So there ya have it! A little recap on a great month and here’s to another good’en before the best month of the year arrives 🎉 🎁 

Sleep well angels 

C.J.R xox 

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