All sorts of Garp Yar

Good evening friends!

An especially good evening for me because today I finished my third and final day of working the Goodwood Revival festival in Chichester, WOOHOO! I’ve been dressed up to the nines in a wee little bow tie and an apron every day for the past three days, getting up at a horrendously early 4.00am and working constantly through till 18.00 and I am absolutely s.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d. The relief of having a hot shower and climbing into my cosy bed was almost cry worthy and I allowed the first little bubbles of pre-trip excitement to creep in. It’s been a whole 7 weeks since my last trip and I’m feeling slightly sick, the stale taste of routine is becoming regular and I DO NOT like it one single bit.

Last Trip– So after reading (and highly recommending) Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks I grabbed my ol’ man and we went on an adventure to scout out the locations mentioned in the book. Two of my most favourite things to do, if not the top two, travelling and reading and nothing is more satisfying than devouring a good book and then visiting the locations where your fav characters lives’ existed. Birdsong is firstly set in France, and it then continues on to be mostly set in the trenches in Ypres, Belgium. Beautiful and heart-breakingly honest Birdsong made a real impact and although I was staying in Calais I was lucky and happy/sad to rent a car and whizz off to visit the immaculately kept graves of Tyne Cot cemetery. Also in light of the new Dunkirk film (also bloody good) we took a little stroll down the beaches, discussing how much things have changed now that there are little kids flying kites where soldiers once stood, and how this would have been exactly what they would have wanted. An educational trip followed by two massive ticks off the bucket list (Visit Belgium and have Belgian waffles in Belgium) = success.

However, since returning from Australia which was a whole four months ago now I have had only a few droplets of sunshine to sustain me. My au’naturale tan is fading and the hair is turning dingy, I am in major need of some adventure and vitamin D. So you ask the universe, and Skyscanner answers. On Wednesday I will be flying to Rio De Janeiro, (which is currently 31 degrees and sunny sunny sunny might I add) to join my good friend who is living and studying over there as part of her degree. Somewhere I have wanted to visit for a crazyyy long time and I am so pleased that I will be able to explore this epic place with one of my favourite girls who I’m hoping will know all the good veggie spots and places to party by the time I arrive. I will be spending 8 days here, climbing every rock I see with hopes of seeing some cracking views, wiggling my hips to all kinds of summer sounds and preparing myself for the second part of my trip which will be…… Machu Picchu! FINALLY! A huge tick off the bucket list. The documentaries have been on repeat and I’ve scrolled through endless conspiracy theories (because lets face it, aliens exist) and I am so stoked that not only will I be exploring these ruins face to face but I will also be hiking for five frosty days to get to them. Meggie (my Rio pal) and I are flying to Cusco, Peru to meet our other friend who is studying in Ecuador and the three of us will be doing the five day Salkantay Trek.

I’ve been to my fair share of places, yet I find people are so quick to roll their eyes when the topic of travel comes up and your next trip is the typical ‘garp yar’ experience. Thailand with it’s £2 hostels and fruit shakes of heaven, Vietnam with its Pho and rice paddies, Australia with it’s east coast must-do and the infamous goon, these places are GOLDEN. Don’t get me wrong, my favourite types of trip are those where I get to experience something really unique and special, doing something or visiting somewhere you wouldn’t usually think of, things I’ve rarely heard about and have just ‘stumbled upon’. However I am as much a tourist as anyone else and sometimes, just sometimes I like to pop down my phone, stop endless searching and googling, getting stressed deciding which waterfall is better or which hot springs will have less traffic etc and just be herded like a little blonde sheep along with everyone else. I have never been on an organised travel tour or excursion before, I have always just made my own way to places, sorted my own itineraries and experiences and I am actually so excited to have the fun organised for me. Putting the day into someone else’s hands means I will be able to fully immerse myself in my surroundings, breathe the fresh mountain air of the Andes and not have to stress about finding a way back to the hostel safely, finding something to eat or any of those awkward complications. So before you turn on your ‘Daddy buy me a pony’ voice and criticise your pals for their choice in trip remember that these places are popular for a reason and it’s better to see things once than to hear about it a thousand times!

Over the next few days I will giving some TLC to my humble backpack who’s straps are a little torn, assembling my hiking bits and bobs and gathering my travel essentials. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all informed and will be jotting down little thoughts here and there on any spare surface so I can keep ya all up to date.

Sleep well, sweet dreams !
Monday? Lets ‘av it.

C.J.R xox

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