August Highlights

Hey there!!

So I reckon I could get used to this whole blogging thing, made myself a cup ‘o’ lady grey with a wedge of lemon (like earl grey but with more zest, so delicious!) popped on my comfies after taking Apple the dog for a walk and finally threw myself on the sofa where I plan on being for the rest of the evening, don’t even care that it’s only six. The chase is on, I’ve got some tasty BBQ cauliflower roasting in the oven and some of Aldi’s skinny greens soup bubbling away on the hob to fuel me for my next post WHICH after tossing a few ideas around I decided should be about the highlights of my August.

Yes yes yesss I know I’m a week late and September is flying by already, but I thought I’d take a little time to reflect back over the past few weeks and pick out my favourite bits. So (drumroll pls) here we have my top 5 favourite things from the last official month of summer.

1. Number one has GOT to be Brighton’s Gay Pride festival. So although I’ve been coming to Brighton since I was a wee school goer, this is the first time I’ve been a resident of ‘London by the sea’ and I am so bloody pleased to be here. I feel like a little bee buzzing in a hive full of fun, inspiring, motivated, like minded people and I’m bursting to get amongst it. But as is the same with everyone when they move somewhere new where they don’t know anyone, I was a little short of contacts. HOWEVER, I was not going to let this stop me from having fun and when Gay Prides 50th birthday fell on a beautifully sunny Saturday I packed a little lunch and headed out solo into the crowds. Praying that someone would adopt me, I wiggled my way through the mass of people in lycra and glitter before I was offered warm Prosecco from the gal behind me. I took this offering with the cheesiest grin I could muster and bish bash bosh made some crackin’ new buddies.

2. Number two definitely makes my list of all time favourite days, I have a big fat bucket list jam packed with adventures that mostly take place abroad- however there are a few to tick off that are right on my door step. Lucky me! I was staying with a buddy of mine in London and while he was at work I thought why not make the most of my day in the big city and cross off something I’ve had my eye on since year 9 English Lit. Despite being a word geek I’m not a hugeeeee Shakespeare fan, all the doths and thees have me going a bit insane especially when I’m trying to read with an unfocused mind. But I’ve read a few plays here and there and my favourite is Much Ado About Nothing which JUST so happened to be playing at The Globe Theatre. Luckily I had ma raincoat because being a peasant and all that I’d cheaped out on the £5 standing ticket and got absolutely soaked. (The Globe is open topped for those who didn’t know!) Not that this mattered at all, I had a steaming cup of joe and a GF brownie to keep me going and the cast were bloody marvellous. Loved every second of it!

3. So as my fellow south coast dwellers will know summer was short and sweet this year but we did get a few scorchers and they fell on the most perfect days. My good pal Josie invited me to Victorious festival with her with the promise of laughs and a few bevvies. Of course I said yes and despite being literally the oldest ones there, having to turn away half a dozen 7 year olds who asked for a fag and also forgetting my ID which meant I couldn’t go into weatherspoons for the vegan curry of dreams I’d been thinking about all day #tragic, we had an awesome day. My mouth hurt from smiling after ravin’ at Shy FX and trying not to die in the unnecessary mosh pit of pre-teen hooligans.

4. Sleepovers are so underrated, especially when vegan chilli and burnt popcorn make an appearance. What better way to spend a Saturday night than with your gal pals chattin’ nonsense and crying at memes on the big screen. It wouldn’t be a complete travellers sleepover without almost booking flights that none of us can afford and spending the rest of the evening discussing what body parts we could sell that would make the most money… priorities.

5. Finally no.5 has gotta be my unplanned evening of dancing to the likes of Dolly Parton and other artists in the quirky bars of B’Town. After some INSANE homemade guac (with smoked paprika, new favourite ingredient) and tortilla chips by my lady Naomi, we headed into town for what we thought was going to be a gig but turned out to be a mini pub crawl with southern fried soy nuggets and a foul-mouthed photo booth. Spontaneous nights out are the best am I right?

So there you have it- although I had to work for most of the month I also managed to squeeze in some of life’s pleasures, making earning those pennies a little easier.

Sleep well friends

C.J.R xox

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  1. vstrode says:

    Hey I am a new travel blogger too! Love your post 🙂


    1. charlotravel says:

      Hey! Oh that sounds great, and thanks so much !! Hope you’re enjoying blogging ! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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